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File Magic iPhone 2.0

File Magic iPhone is a file transfer application for the iPhone
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File Magic iPhone is a file transfer application for the iPhone. It allows you to copy files to your iPhone and then transfer to other iPhones or other computers, thus creating a portable hard drive that can be used without any wires and that requires nearly zero configuration.

This application consists of two parts: the iPhone app and a desktop application that installs on both Windows and Mac OS X computers. Both the iPhone and the computer have to be on the same network and they have to share a subnet (192.168.1.X, for example). When that happens, the iPhone version will detect the desktop app and allow a connection. This will allow both apps to show the files that are currently on the iPhone. You can send files to the iPhone by simply opening them via the "add" button or by dragging them onto the interface. The transfer will begin automatically. You can even add files to the Desktop app when there isn't a connection, and the files will be sent when the iPhone is detected.

Downloading files to the computer is done from the computer. The iPhone app can only send files to other iOS devices or e-mail them from the phone itself. Speed is limited to WIFI speeds, but it is faster than e-mailing, that is for sure.

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  • It works well
  • Easy to use
  • Security


  • You can't change folders' names or create new ones
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